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Warranty - Automation USA items are guaranteed not DOA and all items are automatically warrantied upon purchase. Please see your quotation/invoice for specific product warranty. All warranties are issued by Automation USA Inc., not the manufacturer, and will only be honored by Automation USA Inc. Our product warranty only covers the product in normal use, our warranty will be void if, upon receiving and inspecting the product, it is determined by Automation USA that the defect/issue with the product resulted from  improper installation or incorrect use of the product. Please view our warranty page for a detailed copy of the warranty below. We hope this gives you the peace of mind and confidence to work with us on a regular basis.
Returns - If an item is found to be defective through normal use and wear and is within the 1 year period, the Automation USA Warranty dictates the appropriate course of action. Automation USA reserves the right to decide between refund, repair, or replacement with identical product. Because of the high volume of outgoing and incoming shipments on a day to day basis, we unfortunately cannot accept returns on items ordered mistakenly or part numbers ordered incorrectly. If you have any questions please contact us at sales@automation-usa.com.
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